Saturday, August 08, 2009

Elijah's Prayer tonight

God thank you for daytime and dark
Thank you for old days and new days
Thank you for rainy days and sunny days
Thank you for birds that fly
Thank you for animals that I can pet
Thank you for stars and the moon
Thank you for my brothers
Thank you for the Bible

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jeremiah said...


speaks of incredible parenting.
much love to you guys.

Simile Metaphor Collection

Elijah after running: My heart is beating like a coconut rolling down a hill.
Elijah on urination: Pee is like horses galloping out of the gate. Once they get started you just can't stop them.
Elijah: If school were a human I'd give it a wedgie.
Elijah: I am like a hot rod and I just want to be a plain old Ford
Elijah on the fruits of the spirit: I've got them all covered except self-control. Its like a tiny green tomato and the rest are all big ripe ones. Especially love. Its like the biggest tomato we saw in the garden tonight.