Monday, January 19, 2009

Kung Fu Panda

A picture to commemorate the 2 days we spent closed up in our bedroom with space heaters while the furnace was being fixed.

TODAY- the boys have full run of the house and they are enjoying it. The boys are in love with Kung Fu Panda currently. Every day is an adventure for the Furious Three. Each picks a character and they make up their own adventures together. Isaiah is Tigress, Micah is Crane and Elijah is Monkey. This morning they were making their own Kunf Fu Warrior Pie. First they went shopping for ingredients together, then Elijah cooked while requesting ingredients from his brothers. "Isaiah, pass me the flour. Micah we need some chocolate." Finally the pie is complete and Elijah says, "Now for the apple butter Kung Fu icing." They ate the pie, moved on with playing and decided that after the pie the warriors all needed a nap. Micah said, "Hey, good think we all still have our jammies on!" And they all got back in bed, turned the lights off, woke up, turned the lights on and started a new adventure.

I love it when they play together like this. No arguing. Everyone included. It makes me want to analyze every possible element that might have led to this morning with intentions of recreating this goodness every day. Not possible I know, so I'll just revel in their fun boyishness this morning.

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Simile Metaphor Collection

Elijah after running: My heart is beating like a coconut rolling down a hill.
Elijah on urination: Pee is like horses galloping out of the gate. Once they get started you just can't stop them.
Elijah: If school were a human I'd give it a wedgie.
Elijah: I am like a hot rod and I just want to be a plain old Ford
Elijah on the fruits of the spirit: I've got them all covered except self-control. Its like a tiny green tomato and the rest are all big ripe ones. Especially love. Its like the biggest tomato we saw in the garden tonight.