Monday, February 27, 2006


If any of you out there have any techie friends, ask them this question. iPhoto has been frozen on my powerbook for the last three days. It just keeps "thinking and thinking" and won't close or anything. I even tried letting the computer run out of battery and shut down and when I plugged it back in, iPhoto was still running. I'm beginning to think it's possessed.


Josh Garlow said...

Have you tried the FORCE QUIT?
Have you held the power button down till it shuts off?
Have you taken a shotgun to it?
I'm not helping.

Jim and Jaena said...

Jim suggests you type it the problem in on the internet and do a google search. He has solved issues and errors this way in his "on the side" computer business. He can research it if you want - online or at IWU.

Hi guys, BTW! :) The Womacks

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